Your individual needs determine our services. We can make suggestions, but you and your gardens determine where our time is best spent.

Garden Installation Services:

  • Site preparation and planting.
  • Procurement of high quality materials from local organic sources.
  • Coordinate with subcontractors, prepare materials lists and work scheduling.
  • Carefully select and purchase locally grown plants from regional nurseries.
  • Follow up visits, as needed to monitor plant establishment.IMG_2489


Our Approach:

  • We follow the NOFA Organic Land Care protocols in our garden maintenance approach.
  •  We feed the soil, rather than the plants, with composts and amendments that will make your plants healthy and more resilient to drought and pests while keeping the ground and surface water sources clean.
  •  We only use organic methods for weed and insect control and reserve the chemical approach as a last resort, only when absolutely necessary.

 Our Offerings:

  • Spring cleanups
  • Fertilizing with organic soil amendments and composts
  • Perennial bed “sprucing up” by adding annuals, bulbs or complimentary perennials
  • Deadheading throughout the season, staking and dividing
  • Mulching, edging, weeding and trimming
  • Small tree and shrub pruning
  • Invasive species control/removal.
  • Making compost
  • Vegetable garden planting and maintenance.AHTree2
  • Deer and other critter repellant applications.
  • Seasonal container planting, regular feeding and watering.
  • Fall cleanup and bulb planting
  • Putting your gardens “to bed” for the winter.
  • Winter protection for evergreens
  • Seasonal decorations. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.