Design Services

IMG_2410 Designing a garden is a process. It’s a collaborative between homeowners, designers and the unique history and nature of your land. We are inspired to create gardens that reflect your dreams and your passions. We can’t wait to hear what stories your land will reveal to us.


We specialize in timeless natural, sustainable, eco friendly landscapes where plants and wildlife interact and support each other.

  •  By adding nutrients to the soil, creating habitats for beneficial insects, pollinizing your fruit trees and most of all, enhancing your experience of the outdoors, we strive to create landscape
  • AHdrivewayLub front grassesthat will need less fertilizers and pesticides, as well as require less maintenance. The beautiful year round look and the joy we bring to our clients is the hallmark of our designs.
  •  We analyze your site thoroughly, from soil nutrients andstructure to drainage, existing species, vistas, terrain and architecture. This will guide us in the design choices that will best fit your conditions.
  •  Our plant palette includes Native plants that support the regional environment, mixed with non native species chosen for their beauty, endurance and unique characteristics. Both will compliment and contrast each other in color, texture and interest
  • From simple sketches to elaborate master plans, we offer several levels of Design Services to best fit the needs and budget of each clientPicture 050

One Time On Site Consultation: 1-2 hrs minimum. $ 75/hr

Concept and Master Plans : Individual Estimates available




“Sometimes I feel that I am weaving a huge live tapestry… many times surprised at the end results